Ireland 2006

Amy & Friends, Guinness Brewery in Dublin

I spent a week traveling with the Hollins University Choir throughout Ireland during January of 2006.
At the time, I was a 19 year old sophomore in college and in a relationship with an older woman named Nat (who I mention several times in the typical lovesick way that you do). I was very much not in the choir, they had extra room on the trip (anyone who has ever heard me sing understands why I was not singing). My original plan had been to do an outdoor leadership training in Baja Mexico but that got canceled at the last minute… so, Ireland it was.

The entries are available here.
Photographs were uploaded onto shutterfly and are available here.

I wrote these entries out by hand and then typed them into my blog at the time at the end of the trip. I then entered them into this blog in 2010 after I had established this blog with Southeast Asia.