Greece 2011

It costs about $1,000 round trip to fly home for the holidays from the United Kingdom – just for the airfare.
Or, I could spend $150 round trip on airfare to Greece.
My boyfriend, Lukeis flying to the United Kingdom on the 14th, then the two of us are flying out of Gatwick on the 15th for two weeks in Greece. He’s spending another week with me in the United Kingdom after Greece, for a total of about three weeks together over both Christmas and New Years.

The plan is to spend Christmas weekend in a village in Western Crete.
Life’s not too shabby.

In addition to the traditional sights and museums, a lot of the places we’re going to have good day hikes. Going on day hikes doesn’t rely on the tourist industry as much, which is good when you’re traveling over Christmas and in the off season. And we like hiking anyway.

Our itinerary:

December 15th Arrive in Athens in the evening
December 16th Explore Athens/recover*
December 17th Bus to Meteora (3 nights)
December 20th Bus to Delphi (2 nights)
December 22nd Afternoon bus to Athens
December 23rd Flight to Crete in the morning (4 nights)
Christmas Weekend in Crete
December 27th Flight to Athens in the evening
December 28th & 28th Athens
December 30th Flight to London

* It’s not much of a time difference for me, but it’s an eight hour lag for Luke. Getting on a bus immediately afterward just doesn’t seem pleasant.


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