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La Ciudad Perdida Trek

I consider myself a pretty experienced hiker. I’ve been hiking regularly since I was just a child, and it was love of hiking that motivated me to get in shape in the first place. I’ve done the Annapurna Circuit and … Continue reading

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Logistics: Getting to/from the High Sierra Trail Without a Car

Full disclosure: We haven’t done this yet. Update: We did this! It worked. Only hiccup was a long delay in our first Greyhound bus leg, so don’t closely schedule that. Paying for a car rental when a week of that will … Continue reading

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I Need a Pint

At least one. I have spent my week dealing with Accounting, Department of Education, Banks, Flatmates, and an obscene amount of reading on a bit of complicated international law that no one can agree on called non-refoulement. I’ve been ass … Continue reading

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Protests and a Tortoise

I loved trekking. It was no surprise, really. I love hiking so it was only logical that I would love doing it on the relative long term. But towards the end, I was burnt out. There was a time when … Continue reading

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Stairmaster Himalayas

Tatopani means “hot water” and after a long day of downhill hiking we reached the village at 1190 meters. Our guesthouse had beautiful gardens and was right above the entrance to the hot springs that the village gets its name … Continue reading

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This entry was drafted after the fact, pulling from personal journal entries and memory. After the pass, the train changes considerably. Almost as if you were hiking in Oregon and went through some sort of warp only to end up … Continue reading

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Thorung La

Drafted 13-May 2011 Kagbeni @ 2,800 meters Let me reiterate: fuck skydiving. High altitude trekking is the scariest – and, in many ways, the hardest thing I have ever done. We left base camp (Thorung Phedi) at four am. We … Continue reading

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