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Fae Hostel in Minca

In the fantasy novels I read, there are parties in worlds run by the fae that people enter and never leave. They come for a time, by accident or on purpose, and then they get stuck and never leave. The … Continue reading

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A Stomach and Foot in Mexico City

A break from our scheduled posts for Day 5 and 6 of the High Sierra Trail because I’m in Mexico guys, and have been for a few days now. I had hoped to write those trail posts on the trail … Continue reading

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British Turkeys

I’ve started quite a few entries that never got finished. For some reason I’ve had a hard time writing blog-like since I got into academia. If I start talking about the temporal aspect of transnational spaces or something ridiculous like … Continue reading

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Different Types of Sickness

Drafted 1 April 2011 I’ve become increasingly frustrated with the food situation here with my host family. It was never that balanced of a vegetarian diet and it feels like, over the course of March, it has only gotten worse. … Continue reading

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Salwar Inspection

Before I get into my pre-written entry, I would just like to note that I have spent the past hour trying to book a bus to Dharamsala in early March. My friend Katherine is dealing with the same process with … Continue reading

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The Week of The Sick, Round II

As noted in my previous entry, I was vomiting earlier this week. The day following I felt fine – better than I had in weeks, actually. My sinuses had finally cleared so I could breathe properly and after twenty four … Continue reading

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I think that the one thing I have hated the most about Southeast Asia is the constant state of sweating. This isn’t just me being gross, everyone but the locals sweat here. It’s worse when I wear sunscreen / bugscreen … Continue reading

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