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Day Two

I’m just hemorrhaging money on this side of the Atlantic. I’m looking forward to when things settle down and I can stop spending quite so much money. Of course, I haven’t even gotten my course text list yet, so we’ll … Continue reading

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Sleepless Shopping

The flight was fine. I’ve had worse, but I’ve definitely had better. The overnight six hour flight is miserable. By the time they serve dinner, I had four and a half hours until landing. So I tried desperately (eye mask … Continue reading

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Beautiful Views

17 June 2011 Uig, Isle of Skye, Scotland In a hostel with a particularly asinine internet access system. Photos to come at a later date. The previous few months I’ve been “living” – mentally, at least, wherever I am. Ireland, … Continue reading

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I absolutely love this country. And I’m not entirely sure why. India is kind of like an abusive boyfriend. It’s unreliable (or, reliably unreliable), gropes you when you don’t want to be groped, changes your response pattern to such gropes, … Continue reading

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Bad Hotels, Touts & Scams (Jaipur)

Written mostly on 17-Feb 2011, revised and typed 18-Feb 2011. Yesterday, Nathalie and I had McDonalds followed by five or so hours on a train. I am in love with the McDonalds in India. The meals there are spicy, with … Continue reading

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Last Minute Shopping

I find myself fighting the pull of last minute shopping. Tourists have a habit of spending a lot of money in preparation of a trip – a new suitcase, even when their old bag is fine. A year’s worth of … Continue reading

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Where She Throws a Tantrum and Falls In Love

Of sorts. Today I was supposed to go to Ayutthaya. And by supposed to I mean I’ve been planning on going to Ayutthaya since before I left for Vietnam. I had previously refused to go with a tour group. My … Continue reading

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