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This is My Love For You

What I wanted for my birthday was to just relax in the mountains, do yoga, hang out in coffee shops and not worry about budgets or practicalities or anything really. What India gave me for my birthday was two days … Continue reading

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Questions Without Answers

In lieu of the ridiculously long entry that I wrote in my old fashioned moleskine (I will fill the moleskine before I leave India and will have to make do with what I can find here. There are lots of … Continue reading

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Love of the Day to Day

If I were to write, in detail, about all of my days and my experiences every day, I would probably finish my moleskine this month. My relationship continues to be pretty schizophrenic. A good example of this was the other … Continue reading

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Life is Hard in the Tropics

You know how they always speak of the seven levels of hell? Well, if they were to level heaven level 7 would be “Having a bustling food market with stall after stall of tasty Thai street food a block away.” … Continue reading

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Monks on street corners

Four months ago I never would have thought I’d be standing on a street corner in Siem Reap, Cambodia having a conversation with a Theravada Buddhist monk not much older than I am. Today I treated it as ordinary until … Continue reading

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