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If I Throw a Coconut at Someone, it Counts as Assault. Even if I Miss.

I was trying so hard to not be grumpy. I mean, I was on a Carribean island for Christ’s sake.  The night before, the three other women in my four bed hostel room came in speaking very loudly at 1am. … Continue reading

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Fae Hostel in Minca

In the fantasy novels I read, there are parties in worlds run by the fae that people enter and never leave. They come for a time, by accident or on purpose, and then they get stuck and never leave. The … Continue reading

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Favorite Books of 2012

The fact that I read about 132 books in 2012 is a lot less impressive when you factor in that I read a lot of trashy romance and urban fantasy novels with no shame.  These books take me only a … Continue reading

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Favo(u)rite Books of 2011: Part Two

Alright, here we go for the second half of Amy’s favorite 10 books that she read in 2011… Everyone reads Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts when they’re in India.  It’s a classic Westerner-Living-in-India-“Memoir” (it’s a quasi autobiographical novel).  I picked … Continue reading

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Favo(u)rite Books of 2011: Part One

I usually give myself my first cup of coffee to dick around on the internet, catch up on some news, and wake up before I start The Never Ending Reading. Today’s dickery is about books.   I’ve read about 120 books … Continue reading

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