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Taj Mahal

It’s not that I would ever expect this kind of gesture, but some day I hope to inspire a love on this level. There’s a few more in my flickr stream – I thought that this post might speak better … Continue reading

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A Picture Guide of Cambodia and Thailand

So in addition to changing my header to something suitably thai, I finally uploaded all of my pictures from Cambodia, plus the pictures I’ve taken here in Thailand. Here’s a guide a la the wonderful concept of tags: Cambodia (all … Continue reading

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I think that the one thing I have hated the most about Southeast Asia is the constant state of sweating. This isn’t just me being gross, everyone but the locals sweat here. It’s worse when I wear sunscreen / bugscreen … Continue reading

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Trip to Cần Thơ, Etc.

Haven’t written in awhile. Sorry about that, classes started (last Monday?) in full swing at Ho Chi Minh International University which I can only really describe as high school-esque on a larger scale with worse landscaping. There is, however, really … Continue reading

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County Kerry

Today we woke up to a decent breakfast (I’ve given up on Irish breakfasts – they aren’t vegetarian. In fact, the Irish in general tend to look at you strangely when you ask for the vegetarian option) and then drove … Continue reading

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Kilkenny, Ireland

We woke up earlier today, just a moment before the wake up call. Except we didn’t order a wake up call. Our escort had ordered a wake up call for us without informing us in advance, so I bit the … Continue reading

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St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin

Because I was so tired Yesterday: – Book of Kells: Excellent, see again. – Dublin Castle: Alright. Could have not seen, but I didn’t mind going to it. – Grafton street (shopping district): found Arden his gift. – got dragged … Continue reading

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