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Why Is the Maid Finding Your Sex Toys?

Possible TMI for family members who read this blog. In an effort to not go broke in between the end of my student loan money and finding a nine to five office job ideally in my field, I’m working retail. … Continue reading

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Back at the “Project”

After a week and a half away, I came back to two new volunteers, Ellis (20 year old from Scotland) and Ollie (18 year old guy – our first guy! from England), and my stuff shoved into bags and moved … Continue reading

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Questions Without Answers

In lieu of the ridiculously long entry that I wrote in my old fashioned moleskine (I will fill the moleskine before I leave India and will have to make do with what I can find here. There are lots of … Continue reading

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Siem Reap, First Impressions

I am presently sitting in an Irish bar (it doesn’t really deserve the term “pub”) in Siem Reap, Cambodia. This bar is down the road from my hotel (to get to my hotel you need to pass the brothel and … Continue reading

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