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May Madness (Munich, Part One)

My May is insane. From the 2nd until the 5th I was in Munich (I’ll get to that later). I spent the 6th and the 7th with my Uncle, who is currently on vacation in the United Kingdom. I will … Continue reading

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Rembrandt on a Bicycle

Usually, I try to avoid being That Tourist. It was nearly midnight and I was at a street corner, a few drinks in and on my way home from the red light district.  I was using the streetlight to read … Continue reading

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Ghosts in Museums

I am sitting in the dated museum cafe of Tate Britain. This is my … oh, I don’t even know.  I’ve been to at least a dozen art museums in the past year.  More than that, but I can’t keep … Continue reading

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Meteora means “suspended rocks” (or something along those lines) in Greek. The term works, but it doesn’t quite describe the oddity of the landscape. It’s as if someone cored bits of the moon and replanted them in rural Greece. Then … Continue reading

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An Introduction

One of our first encounters with Athens was a middle aged man in a business suit spray painting the side of a building. Graffiti is everywhere – admittedly, we are staying in a <25 euro / night hotel room and … Continue reading

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The True North strong and free!

Driving through the United States, even regions allegedly similar to my own, only emphasizes the cultural difference between Urban America and Rural America. In a lot of ways, I have more in common with a middle class Delhi urbanite than … Continue reading

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A Stateside July

You would think, being largely unemployed, that I would have more time to blog and such things than I did when I was traipsing around the world. Strangely, this is not the case. It’s not that I don’t have my … Continue reading

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