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US Cell Phone Companies Are Screwing You

Note:  These prices are for an android smart phone. In the UK, I currently pay £10/mo (approx. $15.50) for all the minutes, text, & data I need. I don’t have a contract, can just not top up when I don’t … Continue reading

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Earning a Certificate in International Banking BS

It’s crass to talk about money. Which I find a bit foolish, because what takes up so much of our thoughts and worries? I’m sure if our thoughts and worries were presented in pie chart form, it’d average to look … Continue reading

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I Need a Pint

At least one. I have spent my week dealing with Accounting, Department of Education, Banks, Flatmates, and an obscene amount of reading on a bit of complicated international law that no one can agree on called non-refoulement. I’ve been ass … Continue reading

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Bending Over For Banks

I hate dealing with banks internationally. There’s the conversion and international fees (often inflicted by both banks) and the ATM withdrawal fees. I have never bothered to calculate just how much money has been lost to the ether of international … Continue reading

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Most of my entries will probably be hand written, than typed in afterwards, so they’ll be a bit off on dates – e.g., I wrote this entry on 29/Jan and I’m posting it on 30/Jan. I owe you an entry … Continue reading

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Money, Money Everywhere

And none of it is mine anymore. I paid my volunteer program fees this morning (ow), then went ahead and put the deposit down on the trek in Nepal (which has turned into an 18 day trek doing the Annapurna … Continue reading

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Money and Trekking

Money is such an awkward subject. Most people hate talking about it but at the same time will inevitably talk about it even when they know that it would be polite not to.  In part because it’s on our minds a lot. … Continue reading

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