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I got an email from my program in India this morning and I can finally tell you what I’ll be doing beyond the vagueness of “women’s empowerment program outside of Delhi.” The specifics, sort of: Lakshaya Women and Children: is … Continue reading

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Tết and Vietnamese Hospitality

So Tết is crazy. Times Square at New Years has nothing on Tết. HCMC has 7 million people plus. Imagine the end of a concert where everyone is in mass exodus mode. Now imagine that there are 7 million people … Continue reading

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Mekong Delta, Food, and Throwing Caution to the Wind

I got back from the Mekong Delta trip, of which I have mixed reviews but I might get to that later. You can see pictures on my flickr page (to the right). I actually took over 120 pictures in less … Continue reading

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