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3 Steps to Prepare for & Get to Isla Grande in the Rosario Islands

AKA everything I wish I knew before I went to Isla Grande for two nights. Why you want to go: How to get there: 1. Make a reservation. There are not a lot of options, you are probably staying at one … Continue reading

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If I Throw a Coconut at Someone, it Counts as Assault. Even if I Miss.

I was trying so hard to not be grumpy. I mean, I was on a Carribean island for Christ’s sake.  The night before, the three other women in my four bed hostel room came in speaking very loudly at 1am. … Continue reading

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Fae Hostel in Minca

In the fantasy novels I read, there are parties in worlds run by the fae that people enter and never leave. They come for a time, by accident or on purpose, and then they get stuck and never leave. The … Continue reading

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Ten Steps To Not Be a Hostel Ass Hole

The following is written at 6:30am, about an hour before I needed to be awake, due largely to #1, 2, 6 and 7. 1.) Set any alarms to vibrate and put it under your pillow or near your head.  Set … Continue reading

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