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Off-Season Blues

27 December 2011 village outside of Chania I had a bit of the off-season blues during our stay in Crete.  We were here from the 23rd until the 27th, with four nights and about five days.  The only particularly touristy … Continue reading

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This is My Love For You

What I wanted for my birthday was to just relax in the mountains, do yoga, hang out in coffee shops and not worry about budgets or practicalities or anything really. What India gave me for my birthday was two days … Continue reading

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International Women’s Day

In an effort to procrastinate studying for my Vietnamese test tomorrow (I’m good at that, procrastination), I am writing a brief post in response to the many questions I have been getting over email. Regarding the possible worms, I have … Continue reading

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Tết and Vietnamese Hospitality

So Tết is crazy. Times Square at New Years has nothing on Tết. HCMC has 7 million people plus. Imagine the end of a concert where everyone is in mass exodus mode. Now imagine that there are 7 million people … Continue reading

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