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Sleepless Shopping

The flight was fine. I’ve had worse, but I’ve definitely had better. The overnight six hour flight is miserable. By the time they serve dinner, I had four and a half hours until landing. So I tried desperately (eye mask … Continue reading

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Transition City

29 May 2011 Dublin, Ireland I don’t remember jet lag hitting me quite as hard before as it did traveling from Kathmandu to London. To be fair, it was a very long day. The day before my flight, I arranged … Continue reading

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Yes, I know. I’m such a potty mouth. It’s justified though, stay with me for just a bit. I’m also a diligent procrastinator who will do things like, oh plan out next week to make sure that The Things I … Continue reading

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Travel Plans and Genocide

(A rather long entry) I’m not even back in the states yet and I’m already frustrated with how difficult and expensive it is to get from point A to point B. Planning a trip up from Washington DC to Maine … Continue reading

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Trip to Hanoi!, Swanky Clothes, and Seafood. Etc.

Today I spent sooo much money. More money than I thought possible to spend in one day in this country I bought plane tickets to Hanoi. It wasn’t on our program’s schedule, which is both ridiculous and unfortunate because it … Continue reading

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Hello from Hong Kong

Dude, the Hong Kong airport has free wireless! It’s 12/12 7:12pm here (6:12am EST) and I have been on a plane or in an airport since 12/11 5am EST. I have decided that one of the levels of hell is … Continue reading

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Plane from Shannon to Newark

Bunratty had a folk village that was more than disappointing – the castle and the pub didn’t even make up for the fake snow on the roof of the village huts. We ate dinner at Durty Nelly’s. Where I proceeded … Continue reading

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