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A Much Needed Vacation Starts in Less than 12 Hours

I do not think I’ve ever needed a vacation more in my life. I needed a vacation last summer, in the summer after my first year of law school (read: why is the first year of law school so bad?). … Continue reading

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Off-Season Blues

27 December 2011 village outside of Chania I had a bit of the off-season blues during our stay in Crete.  We were here from the 23rd until the 27th, with four nights and about five days.  The only particularly touristy … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Grandaddy

My grandfather passed away yesterday afternoon. We saw this coming, and I got to say goodbye to him this summer before I left (though I didn’t really go into it in this entry). This doesn’t make it any easier on … Continue reading

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Beautiful Views

17 June 2011 Uig, Isle of Skye, Scotland In a hostel with a particularly asinine internet access system. Photos to come at a later date. The previous few months I’ve been “living” – mentally, at least, wherever I am. Ireland, … Continue reading

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Introducing… the host family

Finally! you’re thinking. A picture of the people she’s been living with for the past god(dess) knows how long. From left to right: The guy in the green shirt is Mamta’s younger brother. I don’t know his name because they’re … Continue reading

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Love of the Day to Day

If I were to write, in detail, about all of my days and my experiences every day, I would probably finish my moleskine this month. My relationship continues to be pretty schizophrenic. A good example of this was the other … Continue reading

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Volunteering & “Home”

I’ve been at my project for two weeks now, but I have yet to write about it. I find that the day to day stuff is more interesting than the travel stuff – after all, as far as traveling goes, … Continue reading

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