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High Sierra Trail: Smacking You In the Face With Beauty and Snakes

Day One: Crescent Meadow to Bearpaw Meadow Mileage: 11.4 miles Elevation Gain: 1,140 feet Elevation at Camp: 7,820 feet We left for Sequoia National Park from the Comfort Inn in Visalia, CA via the 6:15 shuttle and got to the … Continue reading

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Meteora means “suspended rocks” (or something along those lines) in Greek. The term works, but it doesn’t quite describe the oddity of the landscape. It’s as if someone cored bits of the moon and replanted them in rural Greece. Then … Continue reading

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I Need a Pint

At least one. I have spent my week dealing with Accounting, Department of Education, Banks, Flatmates, and an obscene amount of reading on a bit of complicated international law that no one can agree on called non-refoulement. I’ve been ass … Continue reading

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Beautiful Views

17 June 2011 Uig, Isle of Skye, Scotland In a hostel with a particularly asinine internet access system. Photos to come at a later date. The previous few months I’ve been “living” – mentally, at least, wherever I am. Ireland, … Continue reading

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Switching Gears

Sunday, 5 June 2011 Dingle, Ireland Journal writing, at times, feels like a part time job. I write pretty consistently for myself and then every now and then I realize it has been awhile since I’ve written for the blog. … Continue reading

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Protests and a Tortoise

I loved trekking. It was no surprise, really. I love hiking so it was only logical that I would love doing it on the relative long term. But towards the end, I was burnt out. There was a time when … Continue reading

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International Ants

I have been using my android phone as a kindle with the nifty kindle app. I was really looking forward to having that as my reading material for the trek, so I wouldn’t have to lug around books on the … Continue reading

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