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Logistics: Getting to/from the High Sierra Trail Without a Car

Full disclosure: We haven’t done this yet. Update: We did this! It worked. Only hiccup was a long delay in our first Greyhound bus leg, so don’t closely schedule that. Paying for a car rental when a week of that will … Continue reading

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The Transitions Blog

I’ve been slowly rebooting this blog as my planning for my up-in-coming trip winds down and the reality of the trip looms. I updated the about page and the information about the people I mention. I even have a pending logistics … Continue reading

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Why Is the Maid Finding Your Sex Toys?

Possible TMI for family members who read this blog. In an effort to not go broke in between the end of my student loan money and finding a nine to five office job ideally in my field, I’m working retail. … Continue reading

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…Now what?

I had one person dance parties in the kitchen, wearing my pjs and dancing to ridiculous pop music because no one was watching and I needed to move. I have subsisted off of popcorn, cookie dough, redbull and cider for … Continue reading

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