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…Now what?

I had one person dance parties in the kitchen, wearing my pjs and dancing to ridiculous pop music because no one was watching and I needed to move. I have subsisted off of popcorn, cookie dough, redbull and cider for … Continue reading

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Writing from Home

I’ve actually gotten a few pokes from people about updating this thing, which I find odd.  It’s a travel blog.  I am not traveling.  I even failed completely at updating y’all about my five day stint in Reykjavik back in May. … Continue reading

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Mad Kings and Killings (Munich, Part Two)

So I went to Munich for a date. To defend the ridiculousness of that, Munich was a city I’d wanted to go to anyway and I chose it because of that.  C was flying back from the States to Rome … Continue reading

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Rolling on, With Wine

I’m not as good at writing in my blog or my journal when I have term papers to write.  My usual writing style during term paper season alternates between wine and coffee to somehow revise my way to a finished … Continue reading

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For Love of Music

I have been thinking a lot about music lately. For so many of my past significant others, music has been A Huge Part Of Their Lives.  It’s a rather odd common thread among the majority of them, though their actual … Continue reading

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US Cell Phone Companies Are Screwing You

Note:  These prices are for an android smart phone. In the UK, I currently pay £10/mo (approx. $15.50) for all the minutes, text, & data I need. I don’t have a contract, can just not top up when I don’t … Continue reading

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January 15th Housekeeping

One year ago today, I was on a plane to India.  Deciding to do that remains one of the best decisions I’ve made in my soon-to-be twenty six years. Six months ago today, I was awkwardly getting to know Luke. … Continue reading

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