Me, 2015

Me, 2015

This is a travel blog of a twenty six twenty-nine thirty-one year old apparent globe trotter who calls Washington, D.C. home. It’s only updated when I’m traveling, so it may be out of date at the time of your reading.

My name is Amy. This blog started as a way to chronicle my 2007 semester abroad (at twenty/twenty-one), when I went to Southeast Asia. After returning from that semester, I wrapped up my degree in History at Hollins University then moved back to Washington, D.C. where I worked for two and a half years as a legal secretary in a regulatory law firm.

In January 2011 I quit my job during a shitty economy to volunteer with a women’s empowerment program at a small NGO called Katha Sandesh in Faridabad, India. This was used as a counter-example to my statement that was along the lines of “I think that I generally make good life choices.” However, it was also used as an example as evidence for my Good Life Choices thesis. All a matter of perspective, really.
After about four months in India, I spent a month trekking in Nepal, and a month traveling in Ireland, Scotland, & France. Then I spent two and a half months of the summer back stateside, where I traveled to New Hampshire, New York City, South Carolina, Montreal, and Ottawa in between bumming around the DC Area.

Me, Fall 2011

In September 2011 I moved to Brighton, United Kingdom for an MA in Migration Studies at the University of Sussex, where I was based for almost a year.  In between reading and writing for my program, there are a few entries of my travels within the United Kingdom and elsewhere in Europe – GreeceAmsterdam, Munich, Reykjavik.

In Summer 2012 I moved back to the US for an internship in immigration/refugee advocacy, finished my graduate thesis, got a job doing immigration research/advocacy, and did that for about two years.

I started law school at Northeastern University in Boston, MA in 2015 and there’s several trips during this law school period of my life.  First, a month long trip to California and Mexico squeezed in between leaving work and starting law school, a trip to Colombia over  a spring break 2L year, and most recently, a trip to Montana on the tail end of the summer before 3L year.

A thing to note is that I’ve grown up a lot in between all of this. Who I am and how I travel now is very different from previously chronicled trips – there’s a good four years in between Southeast Asia and India, and another three between leaving the United Kingdom and going on my California/Mexico trip. A lot happens to a person in those gaps and they aren’t chronicled here – this is exclusively  my travel blog.

The specifics of each trip is located under the “Trips” header.