A Stomach and Foot in Mexico City

A break from our scheduled posts for Day 5 and 6 of the High Sierra Trail because I’m in Mexico guys, and have been for a few days now. I had hoped to write those trail posts on the trail and just type them up when I was off – but it turns out I was simply too exhausted on those days to write.

I’m rather fond of this city. I find myself wishing I had studied abroad here instead of Vietnam, or lived here instead of India – but who knows if I’d appreciate the charms of this place without those experiences.

Despite this, at the moment I am highly unmotivated to do anything. I’m not sick, but it’s the sort of run down that you feel where your body is warning you that it might get sick and that you should take care of yourself. And stop eating so much spicy salsa. And go to bed early.


For the Guac.

So my dinner is crackers and a vitamin water and I’m holed up in my room, taking a break from re-reading an old favorite fantasy novel to write to you all.

Our first day, we hired two charming gay foodie best friends.
Not really, and I’m totally making assumptions on the fact that these two gentlemen live together in a gorgeous house and have portraits of the two of them done on their sexuality. But they run a wonderful cooking class out of said gorgeous house and because it was just Molly and me in the class, it did kind of feel like we were hanging out with from friends over food and mezcal.

They were totally gracious with our atrociously late start time as well. Y’all know me, I’m usually 5 minutes early to everything. Let’s just say that there was an emergency pit stop that resulted in me taking swigs directly from the pepto bottle as we walked our way to our meeting place a good 20 plus minutes late.


We toured a local market, tried several different kinds of Mexican cheese, salsas, ice creams, coffees, etc. Then we went to their house and made several different kinds of salsas, enchilladas, and molotes poblanos. We finished up with talking over their favorite places to eat in the city, several of which we’ve gone ahead and tried. It was an excellent start to a trip – I was even able to explain to someone the difference between the green and the red salsas today.

That night, we walked twenty minutes in a thunderstorm to get hot chocolate and churros from El Moro, which is like Mexico City’s Cafe du Monde (in New Orleans) only with zero tourists.


One of the things I like about Mexico City actually, is the surprising lack of tourists and the catering to them. How have y’all not discovered this city with all its museums and good food? The result is that most don’t speak English – and will just patiently wait as you stumble your way through your broken Spanish instead of trying to engage you in English, which is the total opposite of my experience in Asia.

Our second day, we made our way to the Frida Khalo museum way on the other end of town. Cute little museum, half history, half art, half garden. An interesting temporary exhibit on her clothes. There’s also a tricky broken step on your way into the cafe, which my foot failed to conquer and was promptly sliced open when I fell with a thud. I had about eight workers hovering around me, only two of which were doing anything useful – translating and cleaning me up. They suggested calling a doctor and getting stitches. One brought out a wheelchair.

It’s this awkward and deep (but deep like, horizontally if my foot is flat on the ground) cut that is mostly like it half took a layer of my callus itself off – I’m not entirely sure how one would stitch a callus. I’ve been cleaning it and bandaging it and babying it (as much as one is able when you’re touristing). I’m just glad this happened after I walked 72.2 miles.


And that my camera, which was not focusing properly after the fall, was easily fixed. It’s a trusty little camera that has given me some good shots.

This adventure also resulted in a lot of free post cards from the museum, and me not trusting my foot to make it all the way up to the top of the Temple of the Sun when we went to Teotihucan today. Which I’m totally okay with.

Those stairs would have probably conquered me even with two good feet.


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