The Second Half of the Long Day

July 29, 2015
We were standing on the curb, getting situated after our six hour flight.  Molly’s phone was totally dead due to an earlier toilet mishap and we were sorting out how the driver of Flightcar would find us with my phone.
FlightCar is a service where people who would otherwise park in long term parking instead park at their warehouse and the start up rents out their car to tourists like us. From our end, we got a car rental plus the additional insurance for $48 for a two day trip.
But the car service had to find us first, and we spent about twenty minutes waiting on the curb of SFO wondering what a Ford Expedition even looked like while waiting for a random dude to drive us to a warehouse in a city we’ve never been to.
Yes, sometimes we put a lot of trust in the universe.

So we picked up “our” hybrid with its nifty check engine light (apparently the oil needs to be changed) and followed google’s bizarre directions towards route one.
(Via a pitstop at a taco truck right before our exit. Oh my god those tacos were good. I am so excited for tacos in LA and Mexico if they are half as good as those.)


Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge

Early on in our drive, Molly was like “is that smoke?” It pretty quickly asserted itself as Epic Fog. It was so think we could barely see the Golden Gate bridge as we crossed it to take Route One up to Point Reyes and it followed us throughout our two hour drive North, limiting our access to the famous views. The landscape is gorgeous though – it reminds me a bit of Scotland, and I’m so glad we took a detour from our San Francisco trip for this.
Molly’s college friend Sarah is a park ranger at Point Reyes, and we met her at the Bear Valley Visitor Center. At this point (5:30pm Pacific), our bodies felt like it was well past dinner and we were pretty single minded in our need for food. (A shrimp avocado sandwich is as good as you could imagine.)
Our second dinner was an hour’s drive North on One in Bodega Bay, where Sarah lives with her husband, Matt. He had family in town, and the group of us ate salmon fillet that was purchased from the docks you can see from their house. We rallied for wine, quite tasty home-brewed beer, and conversation before I passed out on their couch next to a large bin of fermenting porter.
A totally worthwhile result from our investment of eight hours of travel.

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