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Getting ready for a trial run with our High Sierra gear, in West Virginia, July 4th weekend 2015

Getting ready for a trial run with our High Sierra gear, in West Virginia, July 4th weekend 2015. (Amy and Sam, photo courtesy of Molly.)

I’ve been slowly rebooting this blog as my planning for my up-in-coming trip winds down and the reality of the trip looms. I updated the about page and the information about the people I mention. I even have a pending logistics section that I’ll share with y’all shortly. Edit: Here.

Re-reading old posts is weird. It is akin to reading those journals from freshman year of high school that are still in my parent’s basement. Something I avoid whenever possible. Bits of myself are in each post, familiar and not at the same time. Sometimes cringe worthy, but there for any old person to dig around my history if they wish to. Don’t judge present me too harshly by them.

It’s even more stark when you only write in a blog/journal during times of significant transition. A study abroad program in college. Nearly a year of living and traveling abroad between work and graduate school, then also attending graduate school in another country. Then nothing. The transitions stop, the chaos of change shifts to the minutia of change. Day by day I become someone different, but the change isn’t as sudden or noticeable as when I travel.

Hiking the Narrows in Zion National Park, August 2014

Hiking the Narrows in Zion National Park, August 2014

In short, I am not the same woman I was when I wrote about India and Europe three years ago. Since then I’ve found a job in my desired field, became a runner – ran a marathon last fall and a lot of half marathons in between things. I studied for and took the LSAT. Twice. Applied for law school. Got into law school. Hiked in Zion National Park and the Grand Canyon with my sister. I dated and broke up, dated and broke up, dated. Brady and I have been together for over a year now and it’s already slipped into the rhythm of forgetting you ever didn’t have that person in your life. He… balances me in a very good way. I am more relaxed around him, and for the first time I really understand the sentiment of wanting to be a better person for someone else.

A lot has happened.

A lot has changed.

My orientation for law school is on August 31st. I somehow managed to not only settle on going to law school, but acquire a full tuition scholarship in the form of Northeastern’s public interest scholar program. I never really saw myself as someone smart enough to get a full ride anything (Cardozo also offered me a full ride). Reconciling the skeptical side of things (I think we hit bottom as far as the law school admissions market goes, and schools were desperate) and the no, actually, you’re pretty awesome self confidence side of things has been rough/awesome/conflicting. There’s a constant state of disbelief that is a form of insecurity that I must battle to be the person I want to be.

I leave my job of two plus years on Tuesday, July 28th.

A Tuesday because I need every penny I can squeeze out of employment before I go and Wednesday flights are cheaper.

On July 29th, I fly with my friend Molly to San Francisco. We’re going to spend some time in SF and Bodega Bay, then our friend Sam joins us for a six day backpacking trip of the High Sierra trail in California. A couple of days in Santa Monica, then almost a week in Mexico City (with Molly), and a week in the Yucatan (by myself).

The amount of logistics that go into planning a backpacking trip for three people – getting them there without a car, feeding them for three days, altitude concerns, bear/food storage concerns, training for it, preparing for the worst possible scenario – is insane. I’m not sure how people less organized than me ever get out onto the trail. I’m not sure if I’m even up to the task.

So. I’m re-booting this blog for probably not the last time. Here’s to transitions, to travel, to adventure, to snickers bars, and to making crazy things happen just because they are possible.

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