12 Goals for 2012

1.  Practice yoga at least four times a week. Even if it’s just sun salutations.
2.  Finish my computer program for Hindi.
3.  Make more time for my spirituality.
4.  Find employment in my field.
5.  Visit three non-United Kingdom places I have never been before.
6. “Do” my local (Brighton/London) tourist stuff.
7. Write more.
8. Read 100 books.
Be less judgmental. At least try to be aware of when I’m being judgmental.
10. Do the best I can do with this degree. Aim for with distinction!
11. If I doubt my ability to do something this year, I need to do it, or at least attempt to at the best of my ability. Even minor things – exercise related, for example.
12.  Be more aware and involved with politics on all levels.

Next year at this time I’ll reflect and see if I accomplished all of the above to my satisfaction… I don’t know, I’m kind of hard on myself, so we’ll see.  What are your 12 for 2012?

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