Numbers for 2011

In 2011…

I was on 16 planes, rented 6 cars, rode a long distance (3+ hrs) bus 17 times, a long distance train 6 times, and used public transit in 7 different metropolitan cities.
I was in 8 different countries total.
I spent 25 days hiking in 4 different countries.
I visited 13 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 17 palaces, castles, or manor houses, more than 25 sites of religious worship and the number of museums is too high to think about.
And I read 133 books this year (excluding books and articles for my course).

I think I need a nap.

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One Response to Numbers for 2011

  1. Greg Moore says:

    Impressive. I was in about 10 planes, no rental cars, the train quite a bit. And 1 country.

    Oh and no idea how many books I read, a lot but not that many. You win. 😉

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