Wednesday is basically my Friday night. By Wednesday night I have spent, in all likelihood, the previous 5 or 6 days reading like it’s my job. Which it is. There’s about 5 to 8 hours of reading in a day, so by Wednesday, after our seminar1, I am more than ready to not think about migration for awhile.
So what do I and my peers do?
Go to one of the campus pubs and drink. We toasted to Wednesdays, to having a night where we weren’t reading about migration…
only to find ourselves three pints in discussing migration policy with a bit of a slur and more hand gestures.
Nerdy drinking sessions are an awesome benefit of being a graduate student… you’re surrounded by people who are excited about the same thing you are.
(I have noticed though that my y’alls come out a lot more frequently when I drink. It’s a word I usually try to filter out because it makes my “quite strong American accent” – as noted by one of the British folk in my program – even more ridiculously American.)
As a general rule though…I cannot have Thursday mornings like this one on a regular basis.

I moved this afternoon. Well, mostly. I have tonight here and then one more trip out to my new place. I swapped with a girl whose parents wanted her to live on campus. I’m saving oodles of money and there’s something about being in a house in a neighborhood that makes this whole Living in the UK thing a little more real.

The process of moving involves taking my two rolling suitcases filled with as much stuff as I can fit to the bus stop and taking the bus for twenty minutes. Then walking about ten minutes, mostly straight up hill, with them in tow. Unloading. Taking them back to the bus stop. Going back to campus. And repeating the cycle. You’d think I’d only have two bags, as that’s what I’ve come to the UK with, but I’ve since bought kitchen stuff, bedding, bathroom stuff, etc. Plus all my notebooks and texts.
What I should have done, if I was a logical human being, is hire a damn cab and do it all in one trip. But my radical cheapness at times far outweighs such sensible thoughts.

There are palm trees in my front yard. I am sure come February I will want to hack them down for their plucky, ridiculous presence.
The room and the brick row house are tiny and I’m now sharing a bathroom with four other people (this should be interesting), but they’re all postgraduates and the view from my room is rather nice. It’s a simple view, but one of this English city with endless rows of townhouses zigzagging down to the seaside.
Alright. So now, hopefully, I can focus on the things I should be stressed about.
Like more reading.

1 A weekly evening presentation by a member of the field on their research topic.

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