Briefly, South Carolina

Alli, Amy & Candace in Charleston

So, I totally forgot to blog about my trip down to South Carolina with Candace. (August 19th through 23rd)
Candace and I drove down to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to visit our mutual friend from college Alli. The general route involved taking my parent’s car down to Myrtle Beach for a few days, then driving through Chapel Hill, North Carolina to have coffee with another friend, Leah on our way to dropping the car off with my sister, Jenn. My sister then dropped us off in Durham where we caught a bus back to DC.
We were on said bus during the east coast earthquake, so we didn’t even feel it – though we did experience the post-quake traffic into DC. It took us an hour and a half to get from Alexandria to Union Station.

We spent most of this trip hanging out in coffee shops, used bookstores, and stationery stores. Which is pretty much what happens when the three of us are together.
Some highlights, in photos…
We ate brunch at Husk in Charleston, SC, where I got to have “proper” Grits. Though I think I made it unproper by carefully pouring out the pool of butter on top that it arrived with. This place also served pork honey butter, which tasted (not unexpectedly) like bacon infused honey butter. The food was pretty damn amazing.

At Brunch - Amy, Alli & Candace

We went to the Charleston Museum, which had a fun exhibit on Civil War textiles which included clothes you could try on (the hooks weren’t all together and the hoop skirt was sort of broken, but I think I look rather nice in this era).

Amy in "Civil War" clothing

It was a good, quick trip that was well timed as the weekend before the Hurricane hit.

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