Holding berries on the trail in Nepal

When Ladu Baba wrapped my wrists in red and yellow thread on my birthday (entry) “for protection.” I didn’t really give it much thought. Thought as to what I’d be protected from, thought as to how long they’d stay on my wrist.

Slowly, by a thread here, a thread there, the bracelet has gotten smaller. Today at the gym I noticed half a dozen threads have snapped completely, leaving its strength cut down by a quarter.

My pint at the Gravity Bar.

Secretly superstitious, (what, do you step on cracks and walk under ladders?) I find myself wondering what is going to happen when these bracelets are no longer on my wrist. Will my string of adventures come to an end and with it, my reasonable amount of luck?1 Will the bus break down, the plane have epic delays, my sense of calm evaporate?

Who knows.
But they’ve been with me for awhile now and part of me feels like when they’re finally gone, it’ll be a sign that that part of my life is over.
And a sign that I don’t need the protection any more.

1 Minus a recent incident with a parking ticket in DC that was time stamped 4:02 for parking in a spot that was not a spot at 4 pm. I was quite literally trying to cross the street to get to my car when she wrote the ticket. Maybe the stress of that incident frayed my wrist just that badly in an effort to protect my car from being towed.

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One Response to Fraying

  1. Drobstar says:

    good comment. good advise!!! Its a fairly messed up market and a lot has to change in the future. Not many companies are out there which do a good job. Its all about numbers and many forget the impact which Volunteering can have (negativly). There is nearly sero sustainabilety. Volunteeing can also take jobs away and dammage relationships and Organizations. Dependency can be created and perjudices can be created! The change can only come by the custommers who should do better research on who they Volunteer with. Its not only about the price but also about the people working in the company/Organization and the process and transparency. I believe there are some good companies/Organizations but they are very rare and small. Also it is good to go local (directly with the local Volunteer Organization). The interest in development and responsible Volunteering is very often not given and many companies are rather using the lack of interest and capacity of the development world for their own business!

    Ask yourselfe: Are development profesionals working there. How are they threating the local organizations. who do they work with. How do they choose their partners. High numbers are not always good also. How do they progress applications (do you have to register and pay before you have your placement?). Where is the money going to. How many staff members work in the company. Is the company providing qulety Volunteering and Volunteers or just high numbers. Also please ask yourselve: Why do I not need to send a CV or police check. Why do I not get a description beforehand?

    Anyway. Good luck to all of you.

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