So, Sussex… in Seven Months

So, I didn’t get into Oxford.

I suppose that it is telling that all I felt when I read my rejection letter was relief. I really didn’t want to be that much in debt and I knew that I really liked the Sussex program, but I also knew that saying no to Oxford would be stupid. So I’ll be at the University of Sussex this fall. Provided there are no hitches in the road as far as finances and visas and such. It’s nice to be able to move forward. I have internships I can finally apply for, I can move forward with finances, I can get mentally adjusted to the idea of Brighton.

All that moving forward planning stuff is very surreal compared to the day to day of living in India, where I very much live on a day-to-day level. It’s really, really hard for me to think beyond today (sometimes tomorrow). A friend recently asked me if I was excited for graduate school, because it was so close and I was like: so close? What? Apparently seven months is close. I have so much stuff in between then and now [RishikeshIndiaNepalLondonIrelandScotlandFranceInternshipFinancesStudentVisa] that I really can’t think that far ahead right now. One thing at a time. Right now, navigating Faridabad and arguing with rickshaw drivers and getting through today is a lot more pressing than thinking about something that won’t happen for seven months. Hell, I have to force myself to think about Rishikesh and that’s in like, two weeks (I think. I’ve only vaguely set a date for that).

Today I met up with Nathalie for the last time. We went to Humayun’s Tomb, had a lovely lunch and spent the day in coffee shops and bookstores. She leaves for home (Denmark) Saturday morning after two and a half months in India – she and I arrived the same weekend.1 I’m going to miss her! Though I might loose some weight now, because I think every time I see her chocolate cake is involved somehow. Also, I now have a good excuse to go to Denmark when I’m living in Europe next year. 🙂

This brief update is brought to you by this evening’s new bug bites, which are telling me it is time to go put on bug screen so I don’t get DengueMalariaDeath.

1 Guys, I’ve been here for 10 weeks and have only 5 weeks in India left. Bizarre. More Bizzare? My halfway point for this trip is in a week. I can’t tell if that is a relative long time a relative short time. Time is strange.

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One Response to So, Sussex… in Seven Months

  1. Sylvie Lamontagne says:

    Hey Amy
    It was great to hear of your official entrence to Sussex University! Congratulations!!!!
    I am having a great adventure following your blog. You are very lucky to be having these experiences. I sometimes wish I could have done something like what you are doing. Well keep healthy and have fun!
    Aunt Sylvie

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