Triund: Photo Entry

Triund was fucking awesome. I’m still a little high when I think about it.

The three of us – Nathalie, Julia1 and I decided to get a guide, and I’m very glad that we did. When researching the trek, loads of people (locals and tourists alike) said that you could do Triund without a guide. But when we reached the snowline and our guide, Hari2, deftly found a safe path for us that didn’t result in me sliding down the side of the mountain and hitting trees and rocks several hundred feet below… well, I was glad for the guide. If it was later in the season I think Triund would be easier without a guide, but even then, he took us a different way down that had breathtaking views that we would have never (safely) found without him. All told, we hiked about 25 km and it was one of the favorite treks I’ve ever done. When we reached Triund (2827m elevation) I stared at the snowy mountain before us and was like: “I want to hike that.”
A possible new addiction in my life, folks.

Triund left me wicked excited for my trek in Napal. I’m also debating going back to Dharmasala and doing a more extended trek while I’m up there, though I’m not sure if that’s just too much trekking. I’m also not sure if that’s possible.

View from the trail to Triund

Julia walking in the snow to get to Triund.

View from Triund

I call it "Half Moon Triund." Sort of. It was difficult to get the alignment right on rocks.

Tattered prayer flags on the way down from Triund

Coming down from Triund

Yours truly, coming down from Triund (my favorite part of this photo is that I'm above the birds)

1 A British school teacher (who went to the University of Sussex!) that Nathalie and I met up with and the three of us chilled together for a chunk of our time there.

2 Hari Dass, whose wife runs a lovely guest house outside of McLeod Ganj where she served as amazing homemade sour dough bread with homemade jam.
To reach either Harry or the guest house: House Omtara // riaomtara [at] tibetanworld [dot] com Mobile: 9816086736

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