Booking a Bus Ticket

After attempting to book bus tickets three or four times without success because of an error on their website (it wouldn’t take me to the payment page).

Me: “Hello, I am calling because your online reservation system is not working and I was wondering what my other options were to book bus tickets?”
Indian man: “Meme it is Sunday.”
Me: “… does the online reservation system not work on Sundays?”
Indian man: “Meme it is Sunday. There is no one here in the office to help you. Come into the office tomorrow.”
Me: [What? I’m talking to him, and I called this office.] “Where is your office?”
Indian man: [lists address]
Me: “Can you spell that?”
Indian man: [repeats himself]
Me: “No, can you spell that for me please?”
Indian man: [spells the second half of the address but not the first half of the address and says it so quickly that I can’t write it down] Now you understand? [click]

Someone tell me why they thought outsourcing customer service to this country was a good idea? They can’t even get their own damn customer service right.

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