Things I am worried about:
The people I’m leaving behind.
The logistics of my June trips.
Handling the Indian train system.
Whether or not I will have enough to do in my volunteer position. I hate not being busy.
Being too busy volunteering to see some of the places I want to see.
If my host family will be a host family or people I’m boarding with. (Either way, will they like me? How do I be a good guest in a culture not my own? I think this is what I’m most worried about, actually.)
Making new friends.
Learning Hindi.
Not getting enough exercise while I’m abroad.

Things I am not worried about:
How well packed I am.
Making my flight on time.
Handling squat toilets.
Doing my own laundry.
Bucket showers.
The weather (weather predications state clear weather for DCA, EWR, and DEL during the times of my flights).
Typhoid or Hep A (vaccinations!)
Getting sick (it’s given, I’ve accepted it)

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One Response to Worries

  1. Brittany C says:

    Good luck, Amy! I can’t wait to read all about your adventures. I’m sorry we didn’t get to see each other again before you left!

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