I got an email from my program in India this morning and I can finally tell you what I’ll be doing beyond the vagueness of “women’s empowerment program outside of Delhi.”
The specifics, sort of:

Lakshaya Women and Children: is a women empowerment and non-formal education project. It works with the women and orphanage children. As a volunteer at the women sector, You will do the following activities:

  • Help in women in micro finance activities
  • Help in stitching and making dolls, bags, etc
  • Help in marketing and selling or learn about women and their way of living
  • Teach English to the children
  • Help in Homework
  • Teach English to the children and women.

An example of the bathroom facilities described

I also heard that I’ll be definitely living with a host family (yay!) and got more fun details like “The restroom facilities provided are very basic, which is outside the house. The toilet is squat type with flushing water. Therefore, you must use a bucket water to flush the toilet.” I’ve used those toilets before – they’re not that bad. And the squatting just takes some getting used to (there’s some argument for it being the more healthy way to have bowl movement.) Another fun adventure I have ahead of me is “The center does not have washing machine so you need to wash by yourself. If wishing to have your clothes professionally cleaned, please go to city and drop there.” I’m basically going to be doing the hand washing my clothes thing for the next six months. Which is probably better for my clothes, when I was in Vietnam I remember the “professional” washer being both overpriced and brutal on the clothes. Well, overpriced in the relative manner of developing nation price scale.
I’m really excited to be living so cheaply in India… if you’re going to quit your job and live abroad for awhile, doing so in a country where life (literally, figuratively, tragically) is cheap seems to be the first step. The traveling in Europe afterward is going to result in a sad wallet.

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