38 Days

When I chose mid January as my departure, it was just a date on the calendar that was conveniently far enough ahead that I was reasonably certain I would have the money needed by that time (yes, I committed to this before I had the money).  I deliberately chose to stay here through the holidays and chose not to get on a flight the day after New Year’s Eve (the other possible program start date was January 3rd, which would have been one long, hung over flight). But other than that, it was just a date on the calendar that was far enough away that I couldn’t even think about it yet.

Except I don’t know where the hell November went.  I did S & R in November. I finished up graduate school applications1. I had Thanksgiving with some college friends that were in town and then moved back to my parent’s house.

But then suddenly, the whole month was gone and I’m staring at a departure date that is now less than six weeks away.
I don’t feel rushed or panicked yet – just going through the motions of things I know that need to get done. This week, I’m making my way through the typhoid oral rounds and gathering all my stuff for my visa appointment Monday morning of next week. Then all that will be left to do for India will be to throw the things in my To-Pack-List into my backpack and show up at DCA on the evening of January 15th.

Getting to India is the easy part2. Living there for four months will be more difficult.
This past Friday I was eating Turkish food with my friend James while shivering at the Air Force Memorial, which has a fantastic view of the Washington, DC skyline. A few hours later I was walking through the center of the city after my yoga class and thinking about just how much I love this city. (It has its moments – my walk went from Logan circle to the McPherson Square metro, which runs from a Whole Foods to a heart-numbing amount of homeless people in and around Franklin Park.) But I am as excited to return to DC eventually as I am for the adventures I have ahead of me.

But yes. I am going through the motions. Doing what needs to be done, but focusing on the things that happen before that point. Like the kilt hose I am knitting presently on my brand new two-hour-a-day-commute. The visa/medical thing. Packing lists. Shopping. My work. The upcoming holidays. Hindi – which continues to chug along, although I seem to have hit a language plateau at the moment and my Global Language Network course is a waste of time.

Going through the motions and rather afraid of December going by as quickly as November did and I’ll be in India before I even really have time to think about it.
Which might be a good thing, actually.

1 I got into the University of London School of Oriental and African Studies MA in Migration and Diaspora Program – one more program to hear from, and I won’t hear back from them until March.
2 Provided I get my visa and Mr. Murphy does not get overly involved in the situation.

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