Life is Hard in the Tropics

You know how they always speak of the seven levels of hell?

Well, if they were to level heaven level 7 would be “Having a bustling food market with stall after stall of tasty Thai street food a block away.”
And level 6 would be “Paying $6 for an hour long  full body massage.”

I debated skipping out on the sights and just lying about getting body massages and gorging myself on street food. The woman who does massages is this wizened old Thai lady who maneuvered and moved me into positions I did not know my body could go into until I was just a puddle on the mat.
While I could manage doing that all day, and I don’t plan on this being the only time I am in Thailand, I probably should see things while I am here.
I love Bangkok. It’s so diverse, the people are really friendly, the food is of course amazing, and I could live here and still not see all the amazing things there are to see. I could live here, actually. Such a great change from Cambodia.
I have managed to figure out the water ferry system but not the regular taxis – all the ones I’ve had so far have not spoken enough English to get me to anyplace that I did not have written out in Thai and finding the Thai version of places in my guidebook is impossible because they don’t exist. Its alright, most of the places I want to go are within walking distance from ferry stops and the river air adds a built in air conditioning. Not to mention that it is like, 13 bht to take a river ferry and 60bht to go the same distance via taxi.
This morning I headed out around eight and hit up the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew. Which is huge and just littered with tourists. The parts that are less tourist dense were really peaceful, but for the most part I was fighting off a very international blend of tourists in order to get a good picture (and for some reason if you have an SLR people always ask you to take pictures of them). Hot and sweaty and tired I debated if I should head on to Wat Pho (the one with the giant reclining Buddha,. which is around the corner. I sucked up the late morning heat and wandered a few blocks around the giant grand palace complex to where the Wat was. I don’t know what I was expecting, except it wasn’t that. It was huge. Massive. Even after four months of temples I was impressed.

So that is my morning. I think I’m going to eat lunch and take a nap. Then maybe hit up some shops before dinner and perhaps another massage?
Why pass up the $6/hr while it’s still available?

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