My Lips Are On Fire

Well, hello from Bangkok. I am sitting in the little internet cafe at my guest house waiting for my friend Erin to come (that and I am not exploring a southeast asian city at 1 in the afternoon). It’s just as hot here as it is in Cambodia, (pilot quoted 34C) but it is not nearly as humid, so I’ve been okay with it for the past hour or so. It is as flat as Cambodia.

Being in the Kansas of Southeast Asia for the past month or so has really emphasized how important the mountains are to me. I’ve never lived more than an hour from mountains and a few hours from the ocean, and living in the middle of bloody nowhere where the horizon line goes on forever with nothing but heat and palm trees… Oyi. Give me the Appalachians any day.

Well, I came to Thailand for the food (seriously, I had no other interest in Thailand other than its amazing food. I mean, while I am here I will do more than eat, but really I’m just intent on spoiling American-style Thai forever) and I have already enjoyed some Phad Thai – could have used some more vegetables but damn fifteen minutes later and my lips are still burning from the chili powder and I’m sure it’ll act up my indigestion and burn on its way back up too.

I really wish I had not bought an airplane ticket so long ago for Siem Reap to Bangkok. I did it for the security of knowing I had a way to get from Siem Reap to Bangkok (and, as a comfort to my mother who is undoubtedly trying to pretend that I am anywhere but in The Major city in Southeast Asia of all places. You know, that ambiguous Asian city that Nightline does specials on prostitution and corruption). But what I should have done is just waited and split the five hour taxi ride with Erin and David, making it a really cheap taxi ride. It’s like $40 total for them and you do not want to know what I paid (airplane ticket + exit tax thats only if you’re leaving by airport + overpriced airport taxi). I feel like I was financially gouged, and I was. Plus, I hate the whole hurry up and wait behind airport travel. I’d much rather be in a car going somewhere than sitting in an airport for an hour fidgeting. For some reason I fidget less in a car or bus.
So! For future knowledge, anyone going to Bangkok from Siem Reap should hire a Cambodian taxi and go that way. Skip the bus, apparently it breaks down a lot and only takes you to the border. Skip the airplane ride, it’s ridiculously short and very expensive.

I am staying in a little ramshackle bohemian place. I share a bathroom (wasn’t going to pay an extra 200bht for my own, but I was willing to pay an extra 200bht for AC) and this whole weird structure has a restaurant, a little internet cafe, and a shop.

Four whole days here before going home.

I miss Vietnam.

(Oh and re pictures. I lied. They’ll go up when I get home.)

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