I hate written exams. I don’t have the attention span to sit for three hours and pull four essays out of my ass, especially after the electricity goes out and I’m doing this in the heat of the day. Blahhh. I had to get out of there.

They were still (mostly) better written than they could be, and I feel like at the very least I proved that I did not sleep through class and actually did all of the readings (which is a first for any class, honestly).

As I walked down the road to get food I realized that HOLY CRAP I’m done with my classes for this semester.
Which means that (!) I am officially a senior* and I graduate college in 11 months.

Bangkok in two days. Home in a week. Back to Hollins in almost three months. Graduation in 11 months.

My life is apparently series of countdowns but I don’t know what I’m counting down to.

*Technically I was a senior at the beginning of this semester, but that doesn’t move me any closer to graduation, really.

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