Yes, I know. I’m such a potty mouth. It’s justified though, stay with me for just a bit.

I’m also a diligent procrastinator who will do things like, oh plan out next week to make sure that The Things I Know I Want to Do get done instead of studying for my exam this Friday.

When I came to next Friday, the morning of which I fly out of Bangkok and head home the first fuck arrived:
It takes 45minutes-2 hours to get to the airport from central Bangkok, depending on traffic. I am flying out internationally so I should be there at least 2, probably 2.5 hours ahead of time. That puts my departure from the hotel at sometime around 3am.

Alright, whatever. I just won’t sleep.

The second and larger fuck came when I was checking up on the airport I am transfering at, the Ginormous Monstrosity of Tokyo Narita. I have a very good feeling that Narita and I are not going to be friends. Previous to my little research, I was all like – oh, I’m transfering within the same terminal the one hour I have between one flight landing and the other flight taking off is not a problem. No biggie.
Oh, no. Narita’s Terminal 1 is six floors.
When I get into Tokyo at 3:00pm (barring any delays – and let’s not choke on our laughter regarding that one) I will be on the first floor. I will have to go up to the third floor, go through security, and then go up to the fourth floor and find my gate before my flight leaving at 4:00pm.
Yes. So. Fuck.

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