Settling In

I am sitting in the blue pumpkin, which quite possibly might become my favorite foreigner-coffee-shop-hang out. I’ve already been here twice today. They have good chai and as I have gone several months without chai I am making up for it now.
I am on the second floor, by the window overlooking the sleepy street (compared to Saigon) that is nonetheless bustling with foreigners and locals alike. It’s called the blue pumpkin and is on the same street that CKS is on – between my hotel and CKS, less than a five minute walk from my hotel which is apparently very conveniently located. (Picture)

There are a lot of bugs here, more than in Vietnam. After three months in Vietnam I had maybe three bug bites. After three days here I have four times that and have actually considered using my bugscreen.
To give you an idea of how many bugs of all sorts of kinds floating around:
When I took my laptop out there was a grasshopper/locust squished in between the edge of my monitor and the edge of my keyboard (though not my monitor or my keyboard, thankfully) with its legs poking out the side of my closed laptop. I hadn’t even noticed it when I closed it. Nothing like cleaning locust guts off of your macintosh to tell you that you’re in Southeast Asia.

Tomorrow, Ankor Wat. Pictures eventually. Now, chai and reading a book.

On a U.S. Related Note, “Rest in peace, you blowhard.” Wonder what its like to die having so many people hating you?

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