I must have spent about $70 these past few weeks on my daily Highlands Coffee visits alone. There is simply nowhere else to study or do work (that I’ve found anyway) and I am incapable of working in my room. I finally found a Highlands that I really like, it has a great view of the city and its quiet and not as busy as the ones I normally go to. I’ve become quite the regular, I don’t even really order anymore they just bring me my food. The past two days I’ve come in at 7am (meaning I wake up before 6 to get downtown) and stay as long as I can stand it (anywhere between 2pm and 5pm).

I have a paper due at 5pm today. I have a good chunk of it done, but I am frustrated because it is not on the level of writing that I want it to be but difficulty finding sources combined with the fact that my brain is at the point where it is complaining that I am making it function. I have read so much and I can no longer keep it straight in my head (subsequently I’ve been searching for this one chapter that I know I read, but where it is I don’t know) and my brain is starting to ooze out my ear. As long as the ooze eventually makes its way over to the paper I am attempting, I can work with it. It’s just a matter of corralling the ooze. Oyi. I just want Cambodia to happen already. I want to be home working on my thesis (which is what? I don’t know) and generally just working.

(Leave for Cambodia on Sunday)

Edit: Holy crap I think I forgot how to write. This is unfortunate as for the current paper that is in front of me and the thesis I mentioned previously. I wonder if this is a temporary state.

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