Daily Randomness

Benh Tanh Market

This is Ben Thanh market. Directly across from it is the bus station I get off at. That green thing is your typical city bus in Saigon.
To the left of this is the Pho 24 place I eat lunch at a lot. If you go really far to the left there is the backpacker district, which is the only place open after like, 11pm. Bars, clubs, etc. Lots of obnoxious drunk Westerners, for the most part.
To the right and up one block is the Highlands Coffee I go to, though recently I’ve started going to the one up three blocks.
If you go to the right and follow that road (Le Loi) all the way down to the opera house, that’s where you’ll find a lot of the expensive stores and swanky ritzy hotels. Go a little further and there’s a lot of brothels. I make no suggestions on why they are so close. (There’s also another Highlands Coffee on the back of the opera house. A note on the proximity: it’s maybe a three minute walk from Ben Tanh to the first Highlands, a five minute walk to the second one, and a seven or eight minute walk to the third one. Past the third one if you go a few more blocks to the intersection with the cathedral, there’s another one there. Like I’ve said: The Starbucks of Vietnam).

In other randomness:
I have less than a week to madly write two papers.
I leave for Cambodia next Sunday (5/13).
When the sun sets here in Saigon you can really tell how smoggy it is. I’m surprised the birds don’t develop a severe case of bird-asthma. I mean, the sky is flat out grey even at its sunniest.

I have stopped telling people I’m from Virginia because then a ten to twenty minute conversation about the Blacksburg Killings ensues.

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