Rice Overdose

I am quite sick of rice, rice noodles, rice-based meals, rice, rice, rice. Rice at every meal. Every. Meal.
Rice coming out of my ears. Anyone tries to feed me rice back in the states and I will dump it on your head.
To be fair, how much of the world lives on only a bowl of rice a day?
It is not enough.

This brief update is brought to you from the middle of nowhere, Vietnam. Sponsors include this internet cafe, the generator that keeps this internet cafe open, the boy next to me who doesn’t understand English but is seemingly facinated by my going-ons on this computer, the ice cream I had earlier that was durrian flavored (which is the. worst. idea. ever.), the 8 hour bus ride to get here, and the 8 hours again tomorrow.

A real entry tomorrow evening, I promise. With pictures. Then, I will retreat into school work and get so much freaking work done in the next few weeks that I’ll even impress myself.


P.S. Since I got here, my life plans have changed at least four times (aka I’m pulling a Becky a lot more here). What the hell, I mean really. I went from Knowing that I wanted to be a History Professor to Knowing that I wanted to go to law school to Knowing that I wanted to do foreign service to Knowing that I wanted to go to the Peace Corps to thinking that maybe I’ll just take some time to add to my education that doesn’t include classes – travel, working, etc. Doing what? I don’t know yet. Whatever can get me out of the United States, I guess. That doesn’t involve rice. For at least a few years.

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