The Body. Etc.

At home, you get sick, you pop a pill, you go on.
Here it’s like every time I get even a little bit sick my entire system shuts down. I get more dehydrated, I get so completely exhausted (as Erin put it -) it’s hard to walk. The heat exasperates all of this and what would just be an annoyance in the States turns into an all out I Am Completely Useless. I can pop pills all I want but they will not necessarily do what I need them to do, or they might but then they’ll go in the opposite direction of what it was doing before. Or they might just repress what is a healthy reaction of my body, which is not good.

Here I get the kind of sick where my entire stomach tenses up, where I am routinely woken up by my stomach or large intestine. Once sick, wincing in pain is not uncommon. I Have a Ridiculous Pain Tolerance.

And so a day goes where my entire body rebels, only to feel just dandy the next day. Not that I’m complaining, I’d rather just be out of action for one day than for any longer. It’s just frustrating because my body is like “I’m better yay!” [a week later] “What is this?!”

I have never been simultaneously less and more aware of what goes into my body and the effects that it has on it. On the one hand, I am pretty regularly thinking about what X is going to do to my body and what kind of energy it might give me. I am more aware of how carbs, dairy, spices, and protein effect me than I was previously. On the other hand, I continuously eat things that I couldn’t tell you what it is. Mystery meats. Vegetables and fruits that I only know the Vietnamese name for. Strange drinks or desserts a la Vietnamese traditional style.

Sometimes what works and doesn’t work for my body is surprising. For example:

Experiment A: I don’t know what that meat is, or what the sauce is, but it tastes good on banh mi (bread) it’s only 5,000 VND, and isn’t far to walk to.  [Experiment successful, no adverse side effects.]
Experiment B: I don’t know what that meant or vegetable is, but it tastes okay and is the cheapest place to eat on campus. And they serve tofu.  [Experiment unsuccessful, sick in some manner or another until I made the connection].

So. Yes, I am not feeling well. I will feel better by tomorrow though, because being sick is damned inconvenient when you have classes and term papers.

Also, I have heard that some people from CIEE HQ and Brian have read/are reading this blog. Hello.  All really is well on this front. Will return to normal state of quasi health shortly. After copious amounts of sleep and water.
(I don’t even know if this post made any sense at all. If it didn’t, apologies.)

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One Response to The Body. Etc.

  1. Uncle Jon says:

    Just scrolled through your photos. You have a really good eye for composition and are taking some great shots. I’d like the narrated version someday. Hope you’re feeling better.

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