International Women’s Day

In an effort to procrastinate studying for my Vietnamese test tomorrow (I’m good at that, procrastination), I am writing a brief post in response to the many questions I have been getting over email.

Regarding the possible worms, I have no clue if they’re gone, or even if I ever had them, and no I have not started to name them. If I don’t feel at least 80% by the end of this weekend I’ll hit up a doctor.

Regarding Vietnamese boys, no. Just no.
For many reasons, but often they feel much younger than their actual age, which is irritating. Different maturity standards here, perhaps?

Regarding classes, they are kind of driving me crazy. History is okay, Vietnamese is kicking my ass, and Sociology has got to be the worst class I have ever, ever, taken. That is including high school Chemistry.

Today was International Women’s Day, which is a big deal here in Vietnam. Think Valentines Day. On International Women’s Day, the men give the important women in their lives flowers. Mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, etc. Of course, being a bunch of American women we got some special attention that was a little awkward. First the Business Department kidnapped us and took us to a party ala junior high valentine’s day party. We (the girls, of which there are eight) got flowers and the group of us had junk food and silly games. On our way back to our class, we were accosted by the IT Department (which was all boys), which added about four or five flowers to our bunch.

I think I like academic conferences that happen in the states are more by style, but at least they acknowledge it.

In other news, I’m getting some clothes custom made soon. My plans are for two linen pants, a simple LBD, and at least one dressy silk tanktop. I uh borrowed the design for the pants from patagonia ($60+ ea), the LBD from ann taylor (~$118+), and the top from Boden (~$50). I don’t know how much this is all going to cost me, but to give you an idea, my roommate has a custom made dress from her stay last semester that cost her $11+fabric. I’m excited, I’m already sick of wearing the same damned clothes all the time.

Vietnamese is calling me. Bah. Language.

Edit: If you want to see something kind of cool…
1.) Download Google Earth.
2.) Type in  10 50’29.07″N 106 45’6.12″E
… and that’s where I currently am. Apparently. Neat, eh?

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2 Responses to International Women’s Day

  1. Jonathan says:

    I wish I could get Google earth to run on my work computer. Alas, my network administrator (that fascist!) won’t let me download the software.

    You are missing nothing in the States. The father of Anna Nicole’s child remains a mystery.

    Love, UJ

  2. jackson says:

    google earth is amazing, and I didn’t totally just download it and input your coordinates, and then spend 30 minutes looking up my old houses. course not.

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