Breakfast! and Saigon: A Picture Entry

So, I carry around my little crap point and shoot Nikon Coolpix 2100 just about everywhere to take snapshots where I’m not thinking about composition and lightening quite so much. I finally uploaded the pictures from my coolpix and I’m posting a few.

First off, my breakfast this morning was a sandwich from a sandwich stall for 5,000 VND (which is apparently about 2,000 VND more than I should spend – foriegner’s tax. But in the scheme of things, 5,000VND is like, 30cents. I can live with spending a few extra cents.) and a Tropicana Twister.


For a closer look at what’s inside:


I have no clue what that meat is. Even after eating it, I have no clue. It is probably better not to know. We will learn what my stomach thinks of it later, which will decide if I continue to get my 5,000 VND sandwiches from that stall.

In another adventure in eating, the whole bunch of us went out to eat and stopped at an “American” place that sold “pizzas” and “hamburgers.” This is Nathan with his hamburger…


AKA a slice of ham, tomato, lettuce, and a four inch bun.
What is missing from this collection of photographs is the video footage I took of the tofu-and-seaweed dish I had at the sushi place. Because of the heat of the tofu, the seaweed was moving. It is a little weird to have your food wiggle at you when you want to eat it.

And now, for pictures of Saigon. I took these two from the top of the Rex Hotel. We had been using those decorations as landmarks and lo and behold they came down after Tet. Going to have to find some new landmarks. If you click on these ones they’ll open to a larger view.

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