Hello from Hong Kong

Dude, the Hong Kong airport has free wireless!

It’s 12/12 7:12pm here (6:12am EST) and I have been on a plane or in an airport since 12/11 5am EST.

I have decided that one of the levels of hell is being stuck on a 747 for all eternity with a guy behind you who kicks the seat and a woman in front of you who sprays perfume throughout the trip aggravating asthma/allergies.

I saw Alaska! And Siberia. Both of which involved a lot of ice.
The SFO is confusing and disorganized and the people are decidedly unhelpful. I thought that West coasters were supposed to be nicer.

Anyway. So yes, I have not slept more than twenty minute spurts and I am starting to get to the hyper stage of exhaustion.

I have another four hours to go on the plane. All of you that know me know that I have been Not Thinking About This for weeks now and I don’t think it even sunk in until I was flying over Siberia. Sometime after the International Date line.

My sense of time is all messed up. And I am tempted to call my parents at this hour and be like HEY! Hong Kong!

Oh geez don’t feed me any sugar. Or the sodium filled airplane food. Just give me a bed and a shower.

Edit: Bringing a small tube of toothpaste makes you the favorite person in the terminal.

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4 Responses to Hello from Hong Kong

  1. Kristyn says:

    I’m glad you got there safe! Talk about jet lag.
    Planes suck ass only in the fact that you’re close quarters with EVERYONE. It pretty much blows.

    But, again. Glad you’re there safe. 🙂

  2. Jonathan says:

    Amy – Glad you are almost there. I have to be medicated before flying even “short” distances. Hurtling through space in a tiny aluminum cylinder crammed with other humans is no fun….but I’m sure it will be worthwhile. Thanks for including me on the ‘blog (I feel so honored to be “non-family,” I think….). Be safe. Send an old-fashioned postcard. Peace, U.J.

  3. jackson says:

    hurray for getting there safe and sound.

    I’ll start looking for awesome postcards (or start making my own)
    and send them to you.

    be safe. take lots of pictures.


  4. Q says:

    Are you the only one who thought to bring toothpaste? (Why is that the most pertinent question to me at the moment?)
    I know everyone’s said this, but I’m glad you got there safely.

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