So, FedEx did in fact loose my passport and visa. They delivered it to the wrong house, further down my street. However, the neighbor came by last evening (after several hours of my family freaking out) to deliver it.

I might have screamed down the hall of Main that they had found my passport and then I just might have been attacked in group hug formation by four or five friends who were nearby.

Despite being irritated with the visa processing place and FedEx and mumbling profanities as I walked around in between phone calls, I was surprisingly calm about the whole thing. The way I work with such setbacks is to sit back, wait for things to unfold, and meanwhile make plans to cover my ass on the off chance that it completely falls through. Thankfully Plan A (recover passport) worked out and I did not have to go to Plan B (delayed arrival) or Plan C (return to Hollins).

I now have a crazy visa story and a small fear of ever sending my passport out again, which will unfortunately be necessary if I plan on following my travel bug. I’m just glad it worked out.

I am still at Hollins presently, packing up my stuff and collecting things of mine that are in various places around campus. There is about two inches of snow on the ground and if I didn’t have to drive in it I would be able to appreciate the cool weather – that I will not feel again for some time.

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