Maps and Things

I just spent a half an hour trying to determine where my guest house is located on the Map that my Mom bought me for Christmas. I want to have a back up hotel/hostel to go to in case for some reason I am not picked up the airport like planned (I am arriving late). In order to choose this hotel, it would be helpful to know both how far this hotel is from the airport and how far the hotel is from my final destination. In this process, I have discovered several things:

  • There are a lot of “Nguyen…” streets. I am going to have to learn what that word means (it’s not in my phrasebook).
  • It is much harder to read a map when you do not understand the language of the streets and the print is really really tiny.
  • The guest house is not, in fact, located on this map. It is rather limited and covering only the major districts of the city, and apparently the Thu Duc District is not one of them (nor is it in the guidebook). This makes the map, at least, rather useless to me unless I am in the main districts. I am assuming (hoping) that they will give us a more comprehensive one during orientation.

Also, after talking to a bunch of the people going on this – ah, experiment in culture – with me, I am apparently the only one (again, that I’ve talked to) that is traveling afterwards.
Oh, boy. Suddenly I feel really out of my depth.
And I have a feeling it won’t be the last time.

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One Response to Maps and Things

  1. Manda says:

    As far as i know, Nguyen is pronounced “win” and it’s a last name. A rather common last name. Then again, i only know this because of all my vientmanese patients. They ALL have the last name Nguyen, i swear…

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