Kilkenny, Ireland

We woke up earlier today, just a moment before the wake up call. Except we didn’t order a wake up call. Our escort had ordered a wake up call for us without informing us in advance, so I bit the guy’s head off when he called. First off, we are 20 years old. We don’t need fucking wake up calls at a time predetermined for us. We are capable of waking ourselves up. Secondly, you need to tell us before hand that there will be a wake up call so some innocent guy doesn’t get snapped at.
I withdrew money from the bank, then we had a two 1/2 hour drive to Kilkenny with Dublin morning traffic. We had a guided tour of Kilkenny Castle, which was excellent. The guide was a fellow history dork, which is always nice. He seemed really excited about his job, which is always adorable because most tourists don’t care. Though it made me worried that that might be what I might be doing with my history degree, because he probably had at least a masters. Eeep.

It has been raining and windy most of the day, which made photography difficult. I had to keep cleaning the dammned lens as rain spotted it.
At the Kilkenny design center across the way from the castle, I found Mom and Dad’s belated Christmas gift, some Waterford Crystal of the Gesture Bud Vase design (I paid less than that, about 55E, which doesn’t translate to $90 no matter how weak the dollar is at the moment). I also found Candace’s gift and part of Christine’s. I wasn’t too impressed by the lunch above the shops at the design centre – over priced for the little food, m ore for the “posh feel”. However, dinner at Kyteler’s Inn was excellent. It’s a very old pub, one of the oldest in town. The food was great, as was the atmosphere. I do however object to holograms in the bathroom. After a pint holograms really fuck with your mind – or at least make you giggle. A lot.
The hotel we are staying at is the Newpark. It’s owned by Best Western, which is rather amusing. It’s really nice but totally out of whatever price range that I might have before I’m 40.
Also, Joe the amazing bus driver recommended Belfast Bombers to all of us. I believe that I was the first to try it. The bartender hadn’t heard of it, which is surprising considering Nat had heard of it. What a fun way to get tipsy really quickly on just one of those…

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