St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin

Because I was so tired Yesterday:
– Book of Kells: Excellent, see again.
– Dublin Castle: Alright. Could have not seen, but I didn’t mind going to it.
– Grafton street (shopping district): found Arden his gift.
– got dragged around on a driving tour that I barely remember. Damned pushy tour guide.

I’ve taken one roll of 800 ISO. My camera doesn’t actually have a precise 800 ISO setting, so it should be interesting to see how they came out. Dinner was disappointing, at the hotel, despite the fact that it was a “three course meal.” Whatever, it wasn’t out of pocket.

It was relatively easy to wash my clothes in the tub, which is good considering I was counting on it for my underwear (when I claim the title “light packer”, I’m not kidding).
My period started this morning, so I’m hoping my diva cup holds out until 8:30 tonight. It should, it hasn’t failed me before. This will mean that both times I’ve traveled internationally, I’ve been on the rag. We will see how the diva cup compares to the old tampon method I used before.

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